# Stlye of Yi 作品風格

Her style lies somewhere between realistic and abstract, expressing the fantastical worlds harbor her mind. Her works are inspired by movie quotes, slang expressions, song lyrics, and tongue twisters, as well as her personal desires and life experiences, which she holds close to her heart, whether they be happy or sad.

When she paints, she is often struck with sorrow because she knows she can never go back to the moments captured in her work. The only way she can reconnect with these cherished memories is by drawing.

Three predominant elements in her work: Braids, Ribbon and Bone

Braids : She is very fond of braided hair. As often as possible, she transforms geometric shapes into braids. For the artist, this use of braids makes things look intricate and somewhat complex.

Ribbon : Like many women in the world, Yi is fond of romance. She sees ribbon as a very feminine and flexible symbol that she can fashions to her desire. The ribbon in her work offers it balance. The ribbon also echoes the Japanese comic book series “Sailor moon", where the characters transform into “Sailor Soldiers”, by a revolving ribbon. The artist is fascinated by these scenes, and we can see this reflected in her work.

Bone : The artist is fascinated by the human body and its anatomy. For her, bones are the most beautiful part of the human body, and are also something that represents the inside of an object or an animal. This imagery comes from her thirst to see through people and animals, to discover their thoughts and feelings.

畫作 –
畫作 – Tessa



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