# about Yi



Yi ,name-02 artist from Taiwan, based in France.
Yogi, skater, knitter, translater. Freelance graphic, multimedia, tattoo, designer.
This picture is my autoportrait, you can see more or less my style.


about Yi :

People around me call me Yi, my full name is Yi Chen Li. I consider myself a distinctive person, maybe for some people it calls weird. I am vegetarian, I do food collection ( dumpster diving, hitchhiking , I care about environment, animals, wealth inequality.

Since 2012, I’ve live in Europe, most of time was in France or Belgium, at first it was for studying, and afterward I had a promise with someone to live together in Paris, but it didn’t happen. I was alone and got a tough life. However, by that, I moved a lot, traveled a lot and experienced so much unforgettable moments that normal people probably never had. Also, that’s the inspiration of my drawings.

I am an introvert person, I don’t talk a lot, but I like to meditate, I want to become an artist who does something benefit the world. I am good at black and white delicate drawing, please take a look for them.

Now I am in Denmark, in a Yoga Retreat Center 30km from Copenhagen, I am volunteer here for some cleaning and farming jobs, in exchange of  food, yoga classes, and accommodation. During the free time I draw , write and do some sculptures.

I can do :

1. Tattoo design 
2. motion graphic 
3. 2D animation 
4. graphic design  
5. handmade crafts 
6. French-Chinese / Chinese-French translation 

Life goal:

For short-term goal, I want to find a CDI jon in France.

For the long-term one is to have my own shop in Paris near Canal St. Martin. Find second-hand or old stuff to repair, to renew and sell it, give them a new life. I am in charge of making things beautiful and my partner is in charge of things related to mechanics.

Besides, helping young artists or poor people to have a exhibition place and to sell their paintings or  craft works without asking anything for return is also what I want to do in the future. 

Interests :

Yoga, movie, meditation, camping, travel, languages


 like my drawing? pls let me know , Contact me for collaboration ;  redcapsule76@gmail.com  



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